And Another Thing

And Another Thing
2011-11-05 03:02
If we left anything out… tell us here.

18 thoughts on “And Another Thing

  1. Very recently I had new brakes installed on my car. They were in critical condition. While driving around I could hear the metal on metal. I always service my automobile at the dealership. I feel a Cadillac should be serviced by Cadillac. They will use the right parts and know how to fix cadillacs.  Unfortunately I learned that I could have saved $300.00 if I had gone to an automobile brake shop down the street. My new philosophy is to only go to the dealer for items under warranty.  Live and Learn.    
  2. Hmmm… I think your new philosophy should be not to wait til your brakes are scraping metal against metal while you're driving… just a suggestion.
  3. And another thing… I remember when I actually thought that bringing the car to the dealer was like going to a specialist. Somewhere along the line, the word "dealer" came to mean way over-paying for work and parts. I remember one time I went to a dealer who told me I needed over $300 worth of parts plus their escalated labor charge. I went to a local mechanic and he found out the problem was a $12 wire. When I told that to the dealer (in a feeble effort to explain why I wouldn't be going there anymore), he said "don't worry…  you'll need those parts eventually." He claimed he was trying to save me future problems. Years later (when the car died at 110,000 miles) I still had not put in those parts. The $12 wire held.
  4.   AT THE AIRPORT, don't crowd the boarding area.  And once on board, stow your stuff and get out of the aisle quickly.
  5. IF YOU NEED TO GET UP  during a flight, don't yank the back of the seat in front of you as you do.
  6.   PLAYGROUND ETIQUETTE SAYS  that a toy that's been abandoned is up for grabs until its owner wants it back.
  7. WHEN GETTING INTO A CAB with your boss, go first so she doesn't have to scooch across the seat.
  8. WHEN A PARTY GUEST MAKES a racist or bigoted remark, say "I disagree," and change the subject.
  9. IF A GUEST AT YOUR PARTY is drunk ask him discreetly if he'd like to lie down, if you can arrange for a ride, or even if he'd like to spend the night.  Don't let him drive.
  10. DON'T ASK TO BRING a guest to a wedding if your invitation doesn't indicte you may. If you're the bride or groom, don't ask for cash.  And "no wrapped gifts, please" fools no one.
  11. KEEP TO THE RIGHT on the sidewalk, and keep moving.  Don't stop to check e-mail, especially at a building entrance.
  12. IF A CELL PHONE CALL is dropped, the person who initiated the call should redial – even if you'd wrapped things up.
  13. IF YOU USE YOUR IPOD, with cheap, leaky earbuds, those near you hear your downloaded Lady Gaga as if it's being played on the world's tiniest buzz saw.

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