Commercial (TV) Comments

Commercial (TV) Comments
2011-11-13 00:24
Tell us your alltime favorite (and least favorite) television commercials… and print ads.

7 thoughts on “Commercial (TV) Comments

  1. Has anyone else seen the commercial where the lady eats a stick of butter? If you haven’t you can see it here: It grosses me out every time I see it! Most be a good advertisement though because it defiantly sticks with me. I do agree eating and over indulging can become a huge problem over the holidays. We all need to do a little more HomeAerobics (see to try and correct some of our over eating from the holidays.
  2. I haven’t seen that commercial. I’m still confused that there are commercials on the air dealing with penile enhancement (poor Bob). Maybe Bob should do HomeAerobics around the pool and he’d strengthen all his muscles.
  3. As seen on recent commercials, here’s another one I don’t really get. One phone company (guess who) is actually charging a $2 fee UNLESS you allow them to set you up on an automatic payment system. So you either are extorted out of the $2 a month up front OR you’re allowing them to extort any amount of money they want on a monthly basis. Hmmmmm. What to do, what to do. I just can’t decide. That’s probably why I quit them many years ago and vowed never to go back.
  4. I had to move "Anthony's" posting (below) in Laugh Out Loud to this topic too as it is aired on prime time television commercials and I did see it and chuckled at it. I wouldn't bill it as high as Anthony did — "the stupidest thing I've ever seen," because I've seen worse. It could be useful in rationing one's cake intake (a cake ball probably has less calories than a cake slice) but eating balls from a stick just doesn't appeal to me. Would make more sense to make the doughnuts and then stick a stick in the hole. Then… voila! You have a doughnut AND a cake ball on a stick in one! Anthony said: Has anyone else seen the commercial where they are making cake in the shape of small balls and they place them on a stick like a cake lollipop ? The idea is to sell you the baking pans in the shape of golf balls and the wood sticks to shove in the cake balls when you're done. This is the stupidest thing i've ever seen ! I can't believe anyone would buy this crap .

  5. Huh! Does anyone understand the people screaming “Nooooooooo!!!!!” when they learn of the JC Penney sale on their recent commercial. If so, please explain as I’m at a loss over this one. Now if it was for Bayer Aspirin, I could understand it ’cause it certainly gives me a headache.
  6. Here's another commercial I don't really understand. A college is soliciting for students to major in specific careers which they list. When they get to "Certified Wedding Planner," I simply say "Huh?!?" Things are pretty bad if wedding planners have to be certified. One would think certification is only necessary if there's a problem with one side or the other getting "ripped off." If weddings can't be "planned" without one side getting the shaft thus requiring certification on the part of the planner, I simply say "tsk, tsk… shame, shame." Yet, I'm still curious as to the actual certification process. Do they give you a test in matching tablecloths to the bridesmaids dresses or making sure the correct names are printed on the matches? I guess I'll have to enroll at the college to find out (hmm… I guess it's a successful commercial : ).

  7. Follow up on the JC Penney ad. Glad the sale is over. Now their commercial has no sound at all. Perhaps they read the post above and the system works!

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