Corporate Extortion

Corporate Extortion
2011-11-05 03:03
Tell us your stories about frustrating “surcharges” and other ways in which corporations extort extra money from innocent customers.

2 thoughts on “Corporate Extortion

  1. On the 15th of the month, as every month, I called my cell phone company to pay the bill through the automated system. Rarely does this work well because there is always some “surcharge” or “other fee” that necessitates my speaking to a human being. So, this time my $50 bill was over $80 so I had to ask for a human. Four humans later, I finally got to a supervisor who explained that (1) $10 was for a late fee because my bill was now due on the 12th (nice of them to tell me) due to “industry standards!” [Industry standards means move the customer’s due date up by three days so you can charge a late fee.]; (2) $10+ was for text messaging! The supervisor agreed that he did see that I had a block on text messages for over 6 years; and (3) the last $10+ was for “downloads!” Downloads that I wouldn’t even know how to do to a cell phone if I wanted to. After 3 hours on the phone, the supervisor agreed to give me a “one time courtesy credit” for these items. I of course told him that the amount of times I would need the credit was based on the amount of times they put phony charges on my bill to try to extort money from me. I put in the requisite 3 hours and did feel accomplished by having finally gotten to the bottom of yet another blatant example of corporate extortion… until 4 days later when they disconnected my service because (I learned after another 2.5 hour call) the first supervisor did not actually credit the download charges which I was told was for the bible versus I downloaded! Huh! What just happened??? I spent almost 6 hours trying to pay a simple cell phone bill, several of which were while my phone was disconnected! Sheesh!
  2. Here’s another great one. One phone company (guess who) is actually charging a $2 fee UNLESS you allow them to set you up on an automatic payment system. So you either are extorted out of the $2 a month up front OR you’re allowing them to extort any amount of money they want on a monthly basis. Hmmmmm. What to do, what to do. I just can’t decide. That’s probably why I quit them many years ago and vowed never to go back.

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