Expressionless Expressions

Expressionless Expressions
2011-11-05 03:04

The ones we hate… those annoying expressions that really mean nothing and are relentlessly repeated. Not for nothing (ugh!) but… that’s what we’re talking about!

7 thoughts on “Expressionless Expressions

  1. One of my least favorite expressions (when taken out of context) is “That’s what I’m talking about!” However, in the case of these websites (or if you’re actually talking about something), it actually applies and that’s why we developed these talk sites, part of the main site called —
  2. Not for nothing but one of my least favorite expressions is “not for nothing!” Basically, the utterer is telling us not to listen to a word he says. OK, he convinced me — I’ll tune him out.
  3. You can add “do you know what I’m saying?” to the list of inane expressions. Of course I am always tempted to say “no” which I have done on occasion
  4. Hello? Hello has come a long way. It used to be a pleasant greeting and now it’s somehow changed into an insult and a challenge. When someone says something some people think as dumb, they repeat the phrase “Hello/ Hello?” as if to say “is there anyone in there?” Bring back pleasant, simple “Hello.” Goodbye.
  5. Note to Vivian B… yep, “I know what you’re saying.” It used to be that when people spoke, they interjected useless interjections such as “um,” “uh,” and similar utterances to fill silent spaces. Now (I guess people like hearing their own voices more) they interject useless sentences such as “you know what I’m saying. My favorite least favorite one is how a simple question like “What?” is now “What happened?” It’s irritating when someone who didn’t hear or understand what I said asks me “What happened?” Sometimes I tell them what happened beginning with my childhood. Bring back simple language! Or… when next asked “What happened?” when someone means to say “what?” — you can use Chandler’s guess in Friends. “The fifth dentist caved and now they’re all recommending Trident.” We’ve been waiting for that to happen for decades.
  6. Another extremely irritating expression is "give me a minute." Whenever someone says that, it seems to take longer than ever. For me it ranks right up there with the ever-annoying "no problem" which always raises a red flag that a problem is brewing.
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