Good Bathroom Stories

Good Bathroom Stories
2011-11-05 03:07
And bad ones too

2 thoughts on “Good Bathroom Stories

  1. When I need to use a public restroom (if it is not filled to capacity of course) I search for a place off and alone for a small piece of privacy. Why is it, that the next person in the restroom immediately chooses the stall next to me to commonly take their biggest crap of the day???? There are other stalls and several empty unused ones in a row. Another example is when I am at work in the locker room we have 8 empty stalls. No matter which stall I choose the next person to walk in immediately sits down next to me??? I would space myself as far away from another person as possible. Does this happen to other people or just to me?? Could this be my magnet drawing these people to me????
  2. Absolutely I think it’s some kind of magnet : ) Seems like there’s a lot of annoying sheeple who want to be near other sheeple when they do their duty (so to speak). I’m still trying to figure out the ones who want to walk in the same space I’m walking in. They’re the tramplers stomping out anything in their paths. They’re probably the same ones who want to take thier “biggest crap of the day” next to you. Maybe they just want to make themselves known even if it’s for a funky odor. After all, it’s their world (and restroom), we’re just visiting. However, in all fairness, most public restrooms look like many different farm animals used them so maybe the one next to you was the only clean stall?

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