Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service
2011-11-05 03:07

(There Must Be Some.) We’re sure there has to be because some of “us” work in these departments. Share some ideas to help put the “service” back in customer service lines and departments.

2 thoughts on “Good Customer Service

  1.  For the last several years when shopping in small dollar stores or supermarkets…….. I am being asked if I want a bag??? Are you kidding me?? I have some very good replies that I have arrived at over the years? First of all, how dare they not bag the items I just purchased and expect me to carry them out in my arms. When did people start doing this??? I recently let the cashier know before he even started to swipe my order that I did not want to be asked if I want a bag, but to put everything I purchased in a bag. At the supermarket I politely ask for everything in paper and plastic please. When they are done bagging I see that I have two 1 gallon bottles of water I am suppose to carry out in my bare hands. So again I say …everything in paper and plastic please. Now I sense by their body language that I am the enemy and I am the difficult customer. Another time I went to the store and purchased 3 items and after I paid… The cashier wanted to know if I wanted a bag. I replied no, I will juggle all three items while I fish for my keys in my pocketbook and open the car door in the dark of night. Now I guess I seem nasty but how stupid can these people be to not use some common sense and think ahead just a little bit?? Frankly I am sick and tired of being asked if I want what I just paid for I a bag…..when did this start ?? When did people start walking out of stores with items in their hands??  

     Another thing that annoys me when at a cash register is that you are not even allowed a minute to put your debit card or your change back in your wallet. You must move out of the way immediately because the next person is already being rung up and that makes you in their way???? The store is eager to take your money but after that moment your time is up… Move out of the way!!!!!!! Just for the record… I shop in a supermarket where I ring up my own order and I pack my own products in my own bags that I purchase at that supermarket. I find this easiest because I don't have to deal with any transactions with people who work there….. And I don't mind bagging my items. I notice the cashiers always put the 2 bottles of water that are a gallon each and the 2 liters of seltzer all in the same bag. Who is supposed to carry this stuff into the house?? Do they assume I have a body builder at home who can lift these packages?? 

  2. Bravo! This is one of the things this site is about. Finding out a better way of dealing with these daily (relatively unimportant) irritations and annoying sheeple. If we let them get us stressed or agitated, we become annoying sheeple ourselves. Yes, many sheeple lack a high level of communication (and customer service) intelligence and trading possible solutions in dealing with them is always helpful. For instance, Carol, I would (and do) bag my own stuff so I don’t have to answer questions or make demands. Your story above covers lots of topics. The poor casheeple was only trying to do Good Customer Service and please his very cheap boss who would like to escape using one extra bag if possible. They make the bags flimsy to start and then they’re chinsy with them as well. No, they don’t care if it all falls apart right at the car door. If you’re looking for new ways to answer dumb questions, try asking for a car to schlep your purchases (bags always break). You reminded me of one of my least favorite dumb questions (I guess we’ll need a topic called Dumb Questions) on customer non-service lines. After telling the agent my name, I’m often asked “Can you spell that?” to which I always want to reply “No, I only learned to pronounce it.” Don’t let the little things stress you out. : )

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