Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints
2011-11-05 03:08

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  2. While having dinner tonight with both of my sisters, i learned that you can use white vinegar in your wash to take out odors and stains. Vinegar lifts out dirt that just doesn't easily get removed.  You should add it with the usual soap products.  Do not add it to the rinse cycle.   White vinegar will not leave your clothes or towels with any odor.  But a word to the wise, do not ever mix it with bleach.

    • Thanks for the tip…my husband had a grass stain on this favorite blue jeans.  With your advice I was able to get the stain out.   Thank You
  3. That's one I didn't hear before. I know club soda works very well on stains. I once dropped a large amount of red cocktail sauce on a peach sweater at the beginning of dinner and I got out all traces of it by the end… amazing.

    Another hint for people traveling by plane… since the luggage always comes out face down, why not put your name on the bottom.

  4. If luggage coming out of the luggage rack in airports ALWAYS lands face down, why don't the manufacturers put the name and address tag on the bottom of the luggage?
  5. I want to share information with everyone who comes across this article.  If you are a home owner with a homeowners insurance policy…well next time your home needs repair there may be a big possibility that your insurance company would cut a large check to cover your entire dilema.  For instance,  your pipes break and you have water running all over the house and pouring out of the ceiling.  Pick up the phone and call the insurance company and put in a claim.  The insurance person comes out to your home within 24 hours.  The longer the pipes drip the worse the damage becomes.  They act quite quickly.  If you feel you are going to get dropped as a policy holder.. you are confused with auto insurance. Your driving record and your accident record determine that. Auto insurance can drop you … not home owners.  It would be against the law for a home owner insurance policy to drop you because they issue money to help you repair your home.  After all…that's why you have insurance !
  6. COLDS……There's a good reason that mothers have long recommended chicken soup as a cold remedy.  Studies have confirmed that warm chicken soup increases the activity of antiviral immume cells and also reduces throat and sinus inflammation.
  7. RAW POTATOES SOOTHE MINOR BURNS  Raw potatoes that are washed, cut and pressed on a burn can bring soothing relief almost instantly.  Thin slices work best to cover the burn in a compress, but this remedy should be reserved for small burns.  Any burn larger than a couple of inches in diameter should be treated immediately by your doctor or other health professional.
  8.       Caffeine RX:  If you feel sleepy while driving, pull off the road….drink coffee or take a caffeine pill…and take a nap for 15 minutes.  The caffeine enters your bloodstream while you rest, making you more alert when you're back on the road.  WARNING:  Most people rest, then drink coffee when they resume driving.  That's dangerous – you are groggy from the nap, and the caffeine hasn't had time to take effect.
  9. WAYS TO GET INSTANTLY SMARTER  Write reviews online…Everyone is a critic on the internet –  and you should be too.  When you like or hate something, review it on Amazon, Yelp, whatever.  Typing out your opinion will help you to better understand your own thinking.
  10. WAYS TO GET INSTANTLY SMARTER  Write by hand. Remember what that feels like? Brain scans show that handwriting engages more sections of the brain than typing.  Bonus brain boost:  It's easier to remember something once you've written it down on paper.
  11. WAYS TO GET INSTANTLY SMARTER  Delay Gratification…Research has found thgat children who were able to resist a marshmallow placed in front of them turned out, years later, to have higher SAT scores than students who snatched it up.  The more successful children didn't necessarily have a natural gift for patience; they controlled their attention by focusing on something else, like singing a song.

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