How Much is the Free Gift?

How Much is the Free Gift?
2011-11-05 03:08
It’s always good to ask. Don’t forget to also inquire about how much the discount will cost you

3 thoughts on “How Much is the Free Gift?

  1. Shouldn’t ALL gifts be free? Not in the corporate world. After dealing with three cell phone companies who all charged me for their FREE PHONE, we just had to add this topic. After receiving the free phone and refusing to pay for it, eventually they disconnected my service and then charged me a disconnect fee!! Then, when I refused to pay that, they reported it to the credit bureau. This also is a clear cut case of Corporate Extortion (see other topic). So, when you are offered a free gift, simply ask…”How much is the free gift?” This also goes for discounts too. Don’t forget to ask… “How much will the discount cost me?”
  2. I learned an important lesson on the internet a few years ago that i would like to share with everyone. Did you ever see a free product that is advertised free just for you …usually a big ticket item ?  All you have to do is fill out some information that suddenly turns into 5 pages.  Following that you will never receive the free laptop or item you are expecting but you will receive over 2500 spam emails in your email address.  YOU are the product so please beware .

  3. You are so right! I once spent considerable time trying to get my FREE cruise for two and was transferred to several different people. Then of course came the last human who asked for my credit card number to pay the tax and boarding fee in advance. That was so irritating that I looked up this Carribean Cruise company on the internet and it seems this IS a much reported scam! I had meant to do what I could then to spread the word to other innocent people and didn't get around to it. Somehow again, (my punishment for tardiness) they got me to pick up the phone for a short survey for something for FREE and it sounded very different so I innocently fell for it again. Much later in the process, when they then said I'd get the FREE cruise (using a different cruise name), I realized I fell for it again! Shame on me. I was so pissed off for wasting all that time. In any event, I've been on the Do Not Call list for many years. I guess that doesn't work because I didn't pay to be on the FREE Do Not Call list! Silly me!

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