It’s Their World…. We’re Just Visiting

It's Their World.... We're Just Visiting
2011-11-05 03:11
Tell us your stories about those annoying sheeple who trample on everyone around like they own every place.

2 thoughts on “It’s Their World…. We’re Just Visiting

  1. Don’t you just love the people (or annoying sheeple) who cut you off on lines, on the road or when walking down the street? They’re the same annoying sheeple who talk out loud in movies, talk too loud in restaurants and in general have no respect for others or their space. It used to irritate the bajeezus out of me. Now I simply say “I understand… it’s your world… we’re just visiting. Thanks for having us.” I don’t really think they “get it” but my bajeezus is less irritated.
  2. Here’s another perplexing one: I was leaving my favorite coffee shop with a hot cup of my favorite coffee, salivating for the first sip, when I was forced to accept the fact that someone had parked their bike blocking the entire entranceway of the establishment except for about six inches!! (It¹s their world and this one wants no visitors!). I negotiated my way around the bicycle thinking how lucky I was (I¹m always thankful for small gifts). I could have been writing this from a hospital bed after the ambulance picked me up from the ground where they found me lying in a pool of hot coffee yelling ³Huh?!? What Just Happened!?! The bike owner (if anywhere to be found) would have of course been answering ³Duh, I Dunno!² — because it¹s his world, he didn’t notice anyone else was there. And to prove it, the bicycle wasn’t even locked because he lives alone in his world so who would steal it?

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