Now They’ve Gone Too Far

Now They've Gone Too Far
2011-11-05 03:12

4 thoughts on “Now They’ve Gone Too Far

  1. I recently returned from an out of town trip and my answering machine was full to capacity. I grabbed a large piece of paper and pen to take notes and pressed the button. The entire machine was filled with the same mechanical voice (with some sort of accent) asking for me by name (sort of). It said if I was me, I should press 1; if I was not me, I should press 2 to disconnect the call. Well, I was me but I was NOT home so I couldn’t press anything. That stumped the mechanical bugger and so, it just hung up and tried again later. And again, and again, and again. I had a hearty laugh and actually exclaimed out load, “now they’ve gone too far!!” They have machines talking to machines who don’t answer each other and therefore nothing gets done… except my answering machine gets full to capacity so no one else can leave a message. Maybe that’s a good thing. I still don’t know who was calling but that too could be a good thing.
  2. I have been working in the casino industry for over 3 decades on table games. In the last several years there are many new machines incorporated into this industry , taking part of my job away from me. The one i resent the most is the card shuffle machine for the games consisting of only 1 or 2 decks. This machine is able to take a deck of 52 cards and sort them by suit and also numerical order. While you are dealt your three cards…..a supervisor can look at the screen and know exactly what cards and what suit are in front of you before you even pick them up and see them. Well if it can do all this….can it deal a losing hand as well as a winning hand ???? Is this a fair game for the customer ????
  3. I want to share some information with everyone that I am able to reach. If you’re like me, you would pull and check your credit at least 2 times a year. I pull it directly from the bureau and see if I have any surprises I am unaware of. Noticing that my full name is not appearing on one report , I make the phone call to this particular bureau to direct them to please include my full name….first middle last. To my surprise , I am speaking to someone in a third world country regarding my entire portfolio on creditability .These people just do not understand the way of our life and laws here. They are simply reading a script and are very hard to communicate with. I was not allowed to fix my name . With all the precautions to get this report and the precautions to get to the person in the foreign country, he was hard to deal with and by the way so way his supervisor. He was not going to see it my way. It’s my report, it’s my credit, I want my full name to appear. It’s that simple. Before we out-sourced this job ; the person working in the USA for the bureau would just make the change. I had no choice but to forward all the documents required and finally received a copy of the corrected full name. Believe me it wasn’t as easy as it use to be only because the lack of communication from culture to culture. Personally I am outraged that I have to deal with incompetent people in a foreign country to handle my credit report. Just for the record Experian has not out- sourced and you still get a live person from the United States of America when you contact them. So you ask ….Where have all the jobs gone ??
  4. It is known to everyone that there is NO SMOKING  at the Revel Casino.  Not allowed anywhere on the entire property.  Today I witnessed a cook that made his way over to the outside of Showboat and smoked his cigarette behind a couple of dumpsters on the side of our building. If you have an addiction to smoking ….why would you work for a non-smoking property ? ?   Revel opened up jobs everywhere else….why not apply to at those properties ? ? ?  YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR…

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