Play Nice

Play Nice
2011-11-13 00:25

3 thoughts on “Play Nice

  1. GROW UP, JEN  Can Jennifer get more childish (Aniston's French Wedding!, July 2)? Trying to get married before Brad marries Angie! Jen, don't play games. Move on. We're sick of hearing about your heartache. We get it –  you're the only one in Hollywood who's ever gotten a divorce.
  2. My 16-year old sister and I don't always get along, so my parents suggested we go out to dinner to spend "quality time" together.  During dinner, she admitted to smoking marijuana with other kids in our neighborhood.  She claims there aren't any health risks, and she's careful not to get caught.  She doesn't think it's a big deal, but I don't like the idea of her getting in trouble with the law or getting hurt.  Yet if I tell my parents, she'll be grounded and will never forgive me.  The other kids will probably just beat me up! How can I make sure she's safe without getting on everyone's bad side?
  3. Dear Scared,  You're quite a brother to be so concerned about your sister's well-being. And you're right, ratting her out won't help the relationship. On the other hand, smoking pot is illegal and a health hazard, and your sister has decided to put herself in harm's way.  Have another "quality time" dinner with her.  Share your confusion and urge her to stop or to talk to your parents about what she's up to.  Tell her you'll help.  If she declines, I'm sorry – you have to tell your parents.  The friendship wil have to wait.

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