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  1. It is hard to do the right thing all the time.  Everyone is weak at something. Pray to God to help you and he will.  It all comes down to how you look at it ! God will give you the right perspective on it.  Prayer is talking to God.  The more you talk the less you listen, so say your thoughts and then listen. The better you get at listening the more you learn.  Doing something for someone is kind, if God put something in your heart-he wants you to do it.  Your prayers are answered by others.  You're an answer too .
  2. You know when you get that feeling to do something.  Like go home early or pull over while driving or even give someone something, this is the Holy Spirit-telling you.  It is to save you from trouble or for you to be an answer to prayer.  While you might be a good listener.  Are you a do'er of the word ?  You don't have to understand to do God's will. Jesus doesn't want a fan, but a follower.  Lead by example.  How you handle a situation matters and how you live your life matters.  Take 10 deep breaths.
  3. Did God help you sacrifice something since you've been saved?  You should not be showing anger or have self-pity.  You should be showing Gods love to others…all others (every single person in your life).  You do know you are going to Heaven – if you confess Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  But you could have Heaven on earth if you live by the word of God.  If you confess Jesus to others, Jesus will confess to God, that he knew you.  God will help you through life.  Just ask and then listen.  Jesus is God's son who died for you, then rose to be with God on the third day (Easter) !  Now is an intercssor for you !
  4. Something as simple as sleep, we put into God's hands.  When your sleep routine is messed up, you get mad or worried.  As children of God we expect certain things.  God expects certain things also.  We are not perfect but we should want to do the right thing in any situation.  It's not always fun doing the right thing or the easiest way to go.  It's hard to change your routine or say the right thing.  Ask God to help you, and he will, it may be a slow process or it could be quick, just pray about it.  Remember God likes you just the way you are, your just rough around the edges.  Gods' way is best.
  5. Thank God Jesus died for all our sins, big and small.  God has everything figured out from beginning to end.  The only thing you can do is try to please him.
  6. We all put demands on loved ones.  While we don't like demands put on us.  When you love someone you enjoy pleasing them, but to what extent….is it ever enough?  We all have limits.  When you go over your limit it affects you.  When you pray to God ….he shows you things you may not have seen otherwise.  This helps you stay focused on what's important and when to say yes or no.   Doing things for others is the Godly thing to do.  Praying is always good but, some need more then just prayer.  It is our job not to ignore someone in need.
  7. When you walk in faith, you can do anything.   God is willing to do things for you because you walk in faith.  You must have a good heart and help those in need, and always keep your eyes on God.  Don't put your trust in mere man or woman, always know God is in control, trust and pray only to God!  There are many things we don't understand, but understand this.  There is only on God and he has everything in control.  It might not be your way or the best way you can think of, just know God knows best always and forever.  Jesus is only one way you can trust God.
  8. As a Christian you should want everyone in the world to be saved !  It is our job to water and plant, which means when you come in contact with a person you should see if they gave their life to Jesus yet, if they haven't tell them about him.  What he's done for you and how you lean on God.  Make sure you tell them Jesus is alive today and sitting at the right hand of God, and that he is talking to God about you ( on your behalf ) It's like a lawyer tallking to a Judge.  We all have sinned and fall short.  This is why we need Jesus, he died for all sin ! God saves!
  9. VAN GOGH'S PRAYER A battle lost in the cornfields and in the sky a victory.  Birds, the sun and birds again.  By night, what will be left of me?  By night, only a row of lamps, a wall of yellow clay that shines, and down the garden, through the trees, like candles in a row, the panes;  there I dwelt once and dwell no longer – I can't live where I once lived, though the roof there used to cover me.  Lord, you covered me long ago.
  10. We all get angered at some time or another! First tell God how you feel, and then turn it over to him.  This is the ultimate test, how you handle it determines how long you stay in the wilderness.  Do you know it shouldn't have taken God's people 40 years to get to the Promised Land ?  God is trying to mold you into a person he can be proud of, so stop fighting and find God's love.  When you think you've been wronged or someone says lies, this is when you lean on God the most he will come through!
  11. If you believe there's a Heaven, then you know there's a Hell.  God plainly states that there are both.  Hell was meant for the devil and Heaven was meant for people.  All you have to do is confess Jesus as your Lord and savior and be friends with Jesus.  Hang out with Jesus as much as you can, through Church, reading your Bible and just talking to him.  God loves all!  But he gave us free will.  You may be able to help your friend see the truth about God…but if not (all you can do is try), then just pray for them.. God's the saver not us !  Jesus molds them not us.
  12. How can you make a decision without all the facts?  The more knowledge you have about something the better or should I say, the easier the decision.  Same applies to God.  The more you know about him and why he did things, (like send Jesus to earth) also why he didn't do something (like cure a loved one or stop massive destruction) The more you understand God is for you and it's the Devil that's against you! Please repent (change your mind) God will help you through life! Just ask!
  13. Are you happy?  You could be and should be.  If you think of every situtation, as a test from God.  Don't expect your spouse to fulfill you.  You are only human and so are they.  If you put God in between you, things won't upset  you so easily.  Don't argue, if you have a point to make write it down, put it in a place for your spouse to read. (at their time) As a Godly person, you should be looking to God for everything.  He will test you in your weakness! Just remember God's trying to mold you, to make you happy.
  14. No one knows when the end will be.  What we do know is this is exactly where we are supposed to be.  God wants us to enjoy what we have and share with others, also tell others "the good news about Jesus"  Don't get high and mighty, just tell about the cross and Jesus is alive.  You can tell them about Adam making us all sinner, if you want.  If you do then tell them Jesus made them righteous, in Gods' eyes.  So live life without anger, self pity, vengeance, unforgiveness, complaining and these are just a few things that have to go.  Serve others.

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