Rules to Live by………..

Rules to Live by...........
2011-11-05 03:15
Share your own rules and/or policies for a peaceful existence.

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  1. Do something every day to get out of your comfort zone. This is the only way to grow and learn. Fear is your biggest enemy on the way to your dreams. The more you go out of your comfort zone the less you fear. You cannot succeed if you always stay in your comfort zone. Make it a point to do something every day, even if it is something small, to get out of your comfort zone.
  2. Those are great words to live by… here’s s’more: I recently found a clipping from a magazine (dated 11/20/01!) that have become more wise over the past ten years. I’m giving “Patti” the credit for these because she managed to get them published in a magazine but I don’t know their original author. WORDS TO LIVE BY Patti’s Pearls of Wisdom • The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them. • Making a living is not the same thing as making a life. • Every exit is an entrance to someplace else. •Your self-worth is more important than your net worth. •Anger is like the blade of a butcher knife – very difficult to hold on to for long without harming yourself. •You can’t smooth out the surf, but you can learn to ride the waves. •Look at life through the windshield, not the rearview mirror. •Don’t try to change the wind – change the sails. Another one… You wouldn’t worry so much about what people think of you if you knew how seldom they do. I think I heard this on Dr. Phil while I was flipping the channels.
  3. Here's another golden-ish rule: We spread negativity just as much when we take offense as when you give offense. So… chill out… lighten up and maybe there won't be so many cranky people around : )
  4. Another insightful one is "stick with what you think and that's what you'll be stuck with." Don't know who said it originally, but it stuck with me.
  5. You won't get along with everyone.  Some people may not even like you.  When you are a child of God ( which we all are )  you should get along with everyone or at least try forgiving every time ! Pray and be nice to everyone, not just your friends.  Being friends with Jesus is a relationship that should affect your whole life and how you treat others.  What would Jesus do, find out then do it.  Jesus died for you … this means you die of self-pride, self-pity, anger, hate, envy (many things have to go )  ….
  6.   My boyfriend lies habitually.  How can I help him stop?   signed  TRUE LOVE   Dear True, Biting fingernails is a habit.  So is smoking cigarettes.  Chronic lying is not a habit; it's a manifestation of a significant character flaw, and nothing you do will get rid of it.  By the way, sticking with bad boyfriends is a habit.  Get over it – and him.
  7. Stay Connected.  Loneliness is another form of stress.  Friends, family, and furry pets supply vitamin F.
  8. Exercise Daily.  Thirty minutes of activity is all that's necessary.  Three ten-minute walks will do it.
  9. Get plenty of sleep.  For most adults, that means seven to eight hours every night.  If you have a tough time turning off the light, remember that sleep deprivation raises the risk of heart disease, cancer, and more.
  10. When helping a woman pull her chair to the table, hold it and guide it as she does the same.  Don't shove it against the back of her legs.
  11. If you're seated at a table with eight or fewer guests, wait for everyone to be served and for the hostess to begin earing before you dig in.  At a long banquet table, it's OK to start when several people are seated and served.
  12. All things not having to do with food (and decoration) should remain off the table: keys, clutch bags, cigarette packs, sunglasses, BlackBerrys.
  13. Don't snap your napkin open or unfurl it showily like it's an Olympic flag.
  14. If you prefer not to have wine while dining out, don't turn your glass upside down, and don't make a big deal of saying you don't drink.  Simply place your fingertips on the rim of the glass and say "Not today, thanks."   This implies no judgement of those who wish to imbibe.           
  15. Use your hand to shield your lemon as you squeeze it into your iced tea so you don't inadvertently squirt your dining companion in the eye.
  16. AT THE TABLE   If you're eating and want to take a sip, dab your mouth with your napkin to avoid staining the rim of the glass.
  17. AT THE TABLE   Grabbing a bowl of salad or a salt-shaker as it's being passed to someone who asked for it is the equivalent of cutting in line:  greedy and rude.
  18. AT THE TABLE   On the subject of passing:  Dishes go counterclockwise, but if someone to your left asks for something, you can hand it directly to him.
  19. AT THE TABLE  When out with friends or family –  even at a fancy restaurant – it's OK to ask for your leftover's to be wrapped.  But don't do it at a business lunch or dinner.
  20. AT THE TABLE Should you text at the table at a social gathering?  Farhad Manjoo on  "If you're in a situtation where you'd excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, you should also excuse yourself before reaching for your phone."

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