Simple Temporary Solutions

Simple Temporary Solutions
2011-11-05 03:16
Share your ideas for temporary solutions that can eliminate someone else’s daily frustrations. Further discuss…

• on customer non-service lines

• in general

One thought on “Simple Temporary Solutions

  1. I start every conversation (on customer non-service lines) in a panic telling them that it’s my 6th phone call (which most of the time it is) and that my battery is going to die (which most of the time it is due to the incredibly, heartlessly long hold times and Impossible Message Loops). I immediately ask for a supervisor to which they usually reply asking for the same account information I’ve given six times already. I tell them I will give the info to the supervisor and the supervisor can give it to them or my battery will die and we get nowhere (which is where they really want us to get because they have eliminated all the humans… see also Where Have All The Humans Gone?) Then if they speak again, I talk over them emphatically stating “supervisor please!” and I thank them profusely while they attempt to speak. Other times, I just start the conversation telling them that I was on hold being transferred to a supervisor and was disconnected. This usually gets you to a supervisor more quickly. Of course, this method was discovered after years and years of going through their intended ritual where I (the customer) spend hours of my time being transferred all over the place and in the end, I hear “Please hang up… there appears to be a receiver off the hook.” To that I usually reply “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” and then I start all over again. So, I’m desperately looking for other solutions. I read one somewhere else that I will share. When you’re frustrated with the person on the other end, start pushing the buttons on your phone randomly and ask the person on the other end to stop doing that. When it becomes annoying to them, they will transfer you to someone else. Sometimes, all I want is someone else… anyone else… because I always manage to get Brian Brainless or Norton Nincompoop on the other end. It seems There Has To Be a Better Way (see other topic). They’ve taken the humans away to save “them” money and yet the continually raise our prices for services barely rendered. And now, in order to get any customer service, we spend hours (at no hourly salary) of our own time. Discuss…

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