2011-12-03 16:04

6 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Remember when all surprises were good? Not on customer non-service lines. Now it’s “Surprise! We changed your due date (and don’t have to inform you because everything is paperless now) to three days earlier so we can give you another surprise: “We’re charging you $10 for a late fee to teach you not to do it again.”
  2. After working for 8 hours, I decided to stop at the Dollar Tree Store to pick up a few items. This is a very interesting store. Everything in this store is really $1.00. I keep a seperate list of items to buy there because there is a huge mark-up in other stores. So now I have purchased 8 items and I am checking out. I hand the cashier , Edgar, my own deep shopping bags with handles. The first thing he wants to know is if I want him to put the 3, one gallon bottles of water in the bags ???? Should I carry them out in my arms along with the two big shopping bags I just provided ? I went on to explain to Edgar that everything I buy gets bagged and I would carry nothing out in my bare hands. Why do I have to have a confrontation everytime I check-out somehwere???? Thats not all…………when I got home, I discovered that Edgar the cashier forgot to put my two packages of Valentine decorations in the bags !!! Isn’t that nice, now I have to go back to this store and waste my time and gasoline because Edgar is more interested in my carrying out the 3 one gallon bottles of water. Why not just pack all purchased products in bags like they’ve been doing for the last 75 years ???
  3. Again with the bags? The real surprise here is why you don’t just bag the stuff yourself which avoids questions and the possibility of anything not getting bagged. I usually bag it because it’s faster and they usually like to put the 3 gallon bottles of water on the tube of toothpaste or cream so the stuff gets all over the place. If Edgar was in a position to make those major decisions, I think he’d make a decision to get a different job.
  4. Afterthought… I think Edgar just wants to see you again. Not only did he use the old “leave something for them to come back for” routine, but it was valentines decorations! How cute and yet somewhat direct. Also, he went out of his way to talk to you and ask your preference so he could make you happy. What if the gallons of water broke your shopping bags? That might ruin his chance. Many good relationships have started on much less. Take a second look at Edgar when you go back : )
  5. Another surprise… The other day I needed to take a bus out of town to arrive in time for a concert on the other side. So I checked the schedule of a prominent bus company (NOT Academy Bus) and decided the 5:00pm would get me there in plenty of time. As time drew near I realized that I would have trouble making that bus unless I took a cab. So I paid the extra money and did just that. Then I hastened my step in the bus station, (doing HomeAerobics all the way) and actually arrived at the line for the bus fourteen minutes early. Imagine my surprise and irritation along with a full bus load of people on line when we found out (at 5:01pm) that the bus was late. And then later. And even later than that. At 5:35 pm, the bus finally pulled into the gate loading and leaving at 5:45 pm, a mere forty-five minutes late! There really ought to be a law* that if a business prints schedules (and lists them online) they adhere to them within a few minutes maximum. That’s what they demand from their customers. If you’re running a few minutes late, you can’t call them and ask them to wait for you so why should you have to wait forty-five minutes for them and miss another “scheduled” event due to their extreme tardiness? They should not be allowed to make their customers hurry up and wait. To further exacerbate the situation, the bus company provided no information whatsoever to its loyal customers on line. Not even the respect of someone advising (as time dragged on) that the 5:00 pm bus had still not arrived. If they had informed their customers, many of them would have chosen to move over to the empty line for the 5:30 pm bus realizing that they’d arrive at the same general time. Another surprise! When the bus pulled out of the terminal at 5:45 pm, the 5:30 pm bus had not yet arrived. See also Hurry Up And Wait and There Ought To Be A Law On Public Transportation…

    *While they’re making laws, there ought to be one governing whether or not “pigs” should be let on public transportation buses meant for humans. The “No smoking, No spitting” law just doesn’t cover it any more. Many seats on a previously used bus (because most bus companies do not clean their buses between trips) had been used as a large garbage pail with leftover chicken bones, other food and drinks and crumpled tissues and napkins all over the place… unidentifiable sticky stuff on the seats…and one can only imagine what else. At least the bus company should provide the mop and pail and the Lysol spray.

  6. I have seen this documentary on the internet.  Billy Meier starts as a 5 year old boy who is living in Switzerland and starts meeting an alien and traveling in the aircraft.  This relationship continues for decades and he learnes about the future of earth and other inportant information. I am a firm believer.

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