There Ought to be a Law in General

There Ought to be a Law in General
2011-11-05 03:19

6 thoughts on “There Ought to be a Law in General

  1. There ought to be a general law governing whether “they” have the right to change big stuff… ie, leap year, daylight savings, etc. These things affect the age and aging process of a person. Who’s idea was it that a day have twenty-four hours? If a day had more hours in it, a year would be longer and we wouldn’t age as fast. It’s psychological… a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think you’re aging in years, you’ll feel older. That’s why dogs don’t live as long as people. People are constantly helping them age by reminding them that every dog year really ages the canine seven years more. No wonder they age faster. You’ll always stay young if you ignore numbers altogether… unless they’re in a bank account and even then, sometimes it’s better not to know. Ignorance is bliss.
  2. Whe I started kindergarden many( decades ago ) we were taught common courtesy and public etiquette. For instance : when we left our classroom in a big group or alone we were taught to walk on the right side of the hallway. As you do when you drive. When we came upon a double door, the door on the right side was for us to open and use. We were taught to always stay to the right. This basic courtesy lasted for many years in school growing up and outside of school also. Today when i enter a store , I choose the door to the right side and as I open it for myself, 3 people come out ready to knock me down. When I walk down large hallways in big buildings I see a large herds of people coming at me. It is as if I am walking on a one way hallway and I am the one going the wrong way. These people today show no courtesy to anyone else, whether you are walking somewhere or opening a door for yourself. Where have all the common manners gone?
  3. Remember… it’s their world, we’re just visiting. I live in NYC and the people are getting larger and larger and they’re moving slower and slower. They’ll walk side by side on the street and there’s no room for anyone else to get by. I believe indoors this can be a fire hazard. Slow moving traffic should be to the right. I once walked down a hall as you describe and to make it worse, people were smoking in that hallway. All of a sudden I yelped because a man with a cigarette burned my hand as he walked by. Not even an apology. He was probably made that my hand put his cigarette out.
  4. There ought to be a law when living in apartements that you MUST respect your neighbors. I have 2 new neighbors who must not ever have lived in apartments before or or just plain rude!  It sounds like the ones upstairs are having almost constant stampedes and might be bowling who knows but they are knocking things off my wall.  The one around the hall if just as bad blaring music and slamming doors at all hours.  I can't wait to move back into a house where I can live in the noise of my own making again.
  5. There really ought to be a law governing traffic on busy sidewalks of the world. The other day I almost got run over by a Hoverround plowing through pedestrian traffic on a busy NYC street. AND then I got yelled at by the driver who claimed I cut her off. Well probably I did because I do tend to weave in and out of slow moving traffic when I walk (and I did forget to wear my rear view mirror hat that day) but who has the right of way? These things are wonderful for people who need them but for others, it just gives them another excuse to be lazy and it give them the power to plow down herds of people so they can get where they're going. This will only get worse as time goes on because people are getting more and more out of shape and will gravitate to these "SheepMobiles" way before they need them. At least they should keep to the right… maybe less toes will be amputated as a result.
  6. Children are not all the same.  Some want to be good, others think they are good, while even others want to be bad or think it's expected of them.  What you expect out of your children is what you'll get.  Punishment is a big part of this, but love is the most important of all.  Children who are shown love are more productive adults.  Our Heavenly Father is much smarter then us.  He knows what you need and when.  The only problem is you don't take dvantage of all God has to offer.  You feel not worthy, hurt or mad.  This will effet the best God has for you.  You should expect God's best and demand it.  Can you do that ?  YES !

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