There Ought to be a Law in Restaurants

There Ought to be a Law in Restaurants
2011-11-05 03:20

8 thoughts on “There Ought to be a Law in Restaurants

  1. There truly ought to be a law in buffets. There was a huge fight the last time I was in one (and it almost turned physical) because I went to the empty area to get… lettuce! “How dare you cut in the front of the line,” an older woman yelled out. Then her husband began cursing and yelling that I cut in the line. There was a line but it came to a complete halt at the meat and potatos (none of which interests me) and the rest of the buffet was entirely empty. I didn’t realize I was taking my life in my hands over lettuce. I did explain that I waited on the line… I waited on the lettuce line. I did tell them I was on the line but I started from the other (empty) end but they were too busy yelling to hear me. Then it dawned on me… there ought to be a law that sheeple line up (if they line up at all) for the individual food items and not single file for all items like the bread lines in Russia. Also, policies about lines on buffets should be clearly posted so all can see. You’ll be hearing from me a lot on this subject because I think the best diet book in the world would be true stories about what I’ve seen people do in buffets… no one would ever eat again.
  2. Yep, there should be some laws in restaurants. A lawyer friend of mine was in a restaurant with his wife and a friend and the people at the table next were extremely loud making it difficult for them to hear their conversation. The friend politely asked the loud people if they would hold it down a little so they too could converse in the public restaurant. The rest of the story is a little cloudy… it ended with the police coming to break up a fight… the lawyer was on the ground and in self defense, he punched the loud guy (who was now talking with his fists). I’ll keep you posted on the results of the civil law suit that has resulted. The moral of the story… a little common courtesy goes a long way. And that’s what we’ve got now… very little common courtesy!
  3. Yes, we need some laws. Today in a self serve restaurant, a man was pulling apart 2 slices of pizza with his fingers. Then, he only took one! I said “you’re taking that one too, aren’t you?” He said he wasn’t going to but when I pointed out that he already “fingered it,” he did take it. Then he made a somewhat good-natured comment that I hurt his feelings. I was just happy that I noticed it because the fingered slice was one of the more appealing ones and who knows where his fingers had been. There ought to be a law… you finger it, you eat it.
  4. There ought to be a law about blowing one's nose at a table in a restaurant when others are still eating. It's disgusting! Most restaurants provide little rooms with toilets and they call them RESTrooms. This is misleading. They should be called GROSSrooms so people know that is the place for them to go to do all of their gross functions… not at the tables!
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  7. VEGETABLES …. Celery contains numberous anti-inflammatory, blood-thining, blood pressure –  and cholesterol – lowering compounds.  I often munch on up to four stalks of celery a day.  Caution: Celery is relatively high in sodium – about 50 milligrams of sodium per stalk.
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