There Ought to be a Law in Restrooms

There Ought to be a Law in Restrooms
2011-11-05 03:21

6 thoughts on “There Ought to be a Law in Restrooms

  1. Kudos to whoever invented the toilet seat covers that somewhat prevent women from peeing all over the seats. However, these need to come with instructions or “they” should just take out that middle piece before packaging because when that piece gets wet, it comes back to haunt you. But… I want to know — WHY do women leave those covers on the seat when they’re finished? Do they really think someone else wants to use it? Or are they so out of shape that they can’t kick it into the bowl. And while you’re at it (whoever you are), you could wipe off the seat too. Peeleeze.
  2. The other day, a co-worker (wearing a suit) came out of the mens room complaining about a fellow co-worker. He ridiculed the worker (behind his back, thankfully) for not removing his suit jacket before using the urinal. As the first co-worker explained, the urine shot back and landed all over the second co-worker’s suit jacket. When the second co-worker returned to work, I couldn’t help looking at him a little differently. His suit (which always “seemed” so crisp and clean) looked limp and damp. He had always “seemed” so classy. Nope, things are not always what they seem. Neither are people.
  3. Reply to A Female Founder: Good question. Do you mean something like this disgusting photo attached (taken in a public restroom in a "classy" hotel while I was desperately looking for a clean stall.
  4. Yes, see attached photo for the cleanest toilet in the house when I desperately needed a slightly cleaner one.


  5. Where's the picture ??  You have my curiosity, but i can not find the picture to open it and look at it . 

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