There Ought to be a Law on Public Transportation

There Ought to be a Law on Public Transportation
2011-11-05 03:22

9 thoughts on “There Ought to be a Law on Public Transportation

  1. These laws on public transportation should include elevators. There ought to be a law against farting on an elevator and getting off on the next floor. If we have to smell it, so should the farter. This gives new meaning to the phrase “leaving wind.” It’s equally gross to do this on a bus or train but at least there’s some ventilation on these. On an elevator, there’s no escape. Maybe they’ll start building elevators with masks that come down like on airplanes. This way, some of us who still have manners can manage to breathe. It’s bad enough some odors linger on certain fabrics and some people walk around all day smelling like a fart. These are some of the reasons I walk instead of taking elevators.
  2. Another needed law…

    The other day I needed to take a bus out of town to arrive in time for a concert on the other side. So I checked the schedule of a prominent bus company (NOT Academy Bus) and decided the 5:00pm would get me there in plenty of time. As time drew near I realized that I would have trouble making that bus unless I took a cab. So I paid the extra money and did just that. Then I hastened my step in the bus station, (doing HomeAerobics all the way) and actually arrived at the line for the bus fourteen minutes early.

    Imagine my surprise and irritation along with a full bus load of people on line when we found out (at 5:01pm) that the bus was late. And then later. And even later than that. At 5:35 pm, the bus finally pulled into the gate loading and leaving at 5:45 pm, a mere forty-five minutes late!

    There really ought to be a law* that if a business prints schedules (and lists them online) they adhere to them within a few minutes maximum. That’s what they demand from their customers. If you’re running a few minutes late, you can’t call them and ask them to wait for you so why should you have to wait forty-five minutes for them and miss another “scheduled” event due to their extreme tardiness? They should not be allowed to make their customers hurry up and wait.

    To further exacerbate the situation, the bus company provided no information whatsoever to its loyal customers on line. Not even the respect of someone advising (as time dragged on) that the 5:00 pm bus had still not arrived. If they had informed their customers, many of them would have chosen to move over to the empty line for the 5:30 pm bus realizing that they’d arrive at the same general time.

    Another surprise! When the bus pulled out of the terminal at 5:45 pm, the 5:30 pm bus had not yet arrived.

    See also Hurry Up And Wait and Surprise…

    *While they’re making laws, there ought to be one governing whether or not “pigs” should be let on public transportation buses meant for humans. The “No smoking, No spitting” law just doesn’t cover it any more. Many seats on a previously used bus (because most bus companies do not clean their buses between trips) had been used as a large garbage pail with leftover chicken bones, other food and drinks and crumpled tissues and napkins all over the place… unidentifiable sticky stuff on the seats…and one can only imagine what else. At least the bus company should provide the mop and pail and the Lysol spray.
  3. There ought to be another law — cell phones should work in ALL terminals. Isn’t that where they might be needed the most? Cell phones do not work in Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City. That doesn’t make me feel very secure in my homeland.
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    • I was so excited by this I had to check it out for myself.  Right now they offer limited trips from Ohio but the prices were great.  Now if only they could take to see New York.  Now that's a trip I would love to make!
  6. I see their buses all over New York City so they must be coming from somewhere. They're new so maybe they'll be in and out of NYC from everywhere soon. I hope so because the main two bus companies that service the city now are going down hill. They can't keep a schedule and their buses are falling apart. Hopefully, megabus will pick up the slack.
  7. I just heard that airlines will begin charging a fee to get off planes faster. This is getting silly. Soon there will be a fee for using the restroom and, maybe they'll charge for the paper by the square. The price keeps going up! Wouldn't it be more respectful to customers if they just folded in some of these other fees? They said they'll charge $9 o $39 extra to get off the plane faster. I suppose right before they start that, they'll give classes to the employees as to how to delay passengers from getting off the plane just so they can make more money. Sheesh!
    • I can’t help but laugh,  why don’t they give us a parachuste and let us jump out of the plane over our desired area ?   But than the price of the parachute would range from no frills brand , economy and premium brand !

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