There Ought to be a Law When Parking in Lots

There Ought to be a Law When Parking in Lots
2011-11-05 03:24

One thought on “There Ought to be a Law When Parking in Lots

  1. The other day I went to a shopping center to shop at a fabulous dollar store where everything is actually a dollar. I found a nice area to park where it was easy to park my big car and center my car correctly. Before i could shut my door and lock it, someone was pulling in right next to me and of course i was standing in their way. There were 15 other empty spots but they had to pull in right next to me so i could be in their way. Needless to say this angers me. When i came out of my wonderful dollar store a large white Mercedes SUV was parked in the same spot next to me at such an angle I had to climb in from the passenger side…. I wanted to get them towed but I doubt that there is a law against parking crooked. I have come to the conclusion that I have a magnet and attract such people. What was wrong with the other 15 open and empty spots ????????

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