2011-11-05 03:27

7 thoughts on “Why?

  1.  WHY does it take much longer than it used to in order to make simple calls if it’s still questionable whether cell phones are a possible future threat to our health, The message loops and hold times get longer and longer (probably because most calls are transferred to other countries) and there are less human beings available to help with anything. And… the music while on hold gets worse and worse! Can’t they at least download some better music for us to listen to while on hold? So… we pay on all ends (more phone charges and more phony “surcharges” and more general problems that we’re calling about to begin with — and they’re trying to ruin our health to boot! Their answer is always “you can always visit us on the internet.” My answer to that is always “I didn’t know this account came with a computer. Please send me a Mac.” Plus I don’t want to visit, I want to fix a problem and if I can’t fix it on the phone, I know it will be worse on the computer. Also, what about the people who don’t know how and never will learn to use a computer. I guess they don’t have to worry about them because with all the extra necessary phone time, it they’re talking on a cell phone, they will probably be extinct soon. There ought to be a better way.  

     WHY is there only one bathroom in a doctor’s office where you get a colonoscopy? Don’t they know that people come and go there? And why can’t they leave deodorant in there? It’s a closet of crap!  

     WHY is there only one row of seats in a Polish theater? Answer: No one wants to sit behind a pole. 

  2. Why did my daughter take off her diaper in the middle of the night? I found it down around her ankles and she was sleeping in pee. Yuck! I guess I will now be bathing her and washing everything. Laundromat here I come.
  3. Why would anyone think it would NOT cause a major traffic jam going through tunnels to reduce eight lanes to one all at the same time? Couldn't anyone think of reducing eight to seven then seven to six, etc., etc., etc.? Seems like it would be simple math trying to squeeze all those cars through a skinny two lane tunnel.
  4. Why do people spit on the street? Didn't we cover that in kindergarten? No pushing, No hitting, No running with scissors and definitely NO SPITTING!! Yet there I was walking down a tree-lined street in Manhattan (rare but nice) and then… a guy hurls a wad of phlegm right on the sidewalk in my general path. A less alert and less adroit walker would have slipped on it and gone flying. Others (like me) just experience extreme nausea when all they were doing was enjoying free air and sidewalk privileges. There ought to be a law (and there probably is but who enforces it?) as well as one for NO NOSE BLOWING IN RESTAURANTS while other people are eating. Seriously, maybe we should change the name of RESTrooms to GROSSrooms so people will understand that in a civil society, there is a place provided for these functions. [Since this post covers several important issues, you might see it elsewhere on this site.]
    • Its funny you should mention this.  The first time i witnessed a man blowing his nose from his seat to our carpeted floor was in the asian game  room in the casino.  I was shocked.  It seems it is quite acceptable in different cultures.  I have seen many times now people in the casino in front of other players hold a finger over one nose hole and blow out the other side to the floor. Personally, I find it unacceptable, and quite  offensive.

  5. Ugh!!! I guess you work in a casino, Teresa. Funny YOU should mention what you did. I had seen someone do that on a New York City street and actually thought it was too gross to even write about. I just made a mental note never, ever to walk down that street again. Now I walk around blocks to avoid that block even though it has rained tremendously since then. It may be acceptable in other cultures but here in America, we have things called tissues. The next time someone does that in a public place or on a public street, I hope a gust of wind (or air conditioning) "blows" it back to them and it sticks to their hand, or ear or better still… if it hits them in the eye, maybe it will open their eyes to a better way to dispose of their mucus!!
  6. Something as simple as sleep we put into God's hands.  When your sleep routine is messed up, you get mad or worried.  As children of God we expect certain things.  God expects certain things also.  We are not perfect but we should want to do the right thing in any situtation.It's not always fun doing the right thing or the easieest way to go.  It's hard to change your routine or say the right thing.  Ask God to help you, and he will, it may be a slow process or it could be quick, just pray about it.  Remember God likes you just the way your are, your just rough around the edges.  Gods' way is best.

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