You’ll Always Stay Young When….

You'll Always Stay Young When....
2011-11-05 03:28

One thought on “You’ll Always Stay Young When….

  1. …you can laugh at yourself. Also… when you stop concerning yourself with numbers. Especially those that continue to change. Do “they” have the right to change big stuff… ie, leap year, daylight savings, etc. These things affect the age and aging process of a person. Who’s idea was it that a day have twenty-four hours? If a day had more hours in it, a year would be longer and we wouldn’t age as fast. It’s psychological… a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think you’re aging in years, you’ll feel older. That’s why dogs don’t live as long as people. People are constantly helping them age by reminding them that every dog year really ages the canine seven years more. No wonder they age faster. You’ll always stay young if you ignore numbers altogether… unless they’re in a bank account and even then, sometimes it’s better not to know. Ignorance is bliss.

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